Thursday, 6 December 2012

PE with Mr. Fitz

The boys made a square with the cones. A.L.N

We learnt how to catch a ball. T.J.

We threw the ball up and then we caught caught it with our bird nest. I think I did a good job of throwing, clapping and catching the ball. I can do two claps! K.A.

We learnt how to clap and catch the ball. T.R.

We learnt to suck the ball in like a vacuum cleaner. V.A.

We learnt underarm throwing to our partners. K.A. and A.L.N

We loved doing the frog jumps, elephant walks, giant walks, giraffe walks and star-jumps. Rm 5.

The weather was partly cloudy. Tayla threw the ball to me. It was lots of fun! I.P.

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