Thursday, 6 December 2012

Grandparents Day

On Wednesday 5th December, we spent some extra-special time with some of the people we love the most - our Grandparents. We also had some sisters and Uncles come along to join the fun! Here is a slideshow and our stories about Grandparents Day.

I showed Nana the ipad to play. C.C.

My grandma is painting my hand. A.S.

V.A. is doing hand prints with his sister. He thought it was ticklish. His sister painted his hands blue. He put it on a piece of paper. It was the grandma poem. I.P.

My grandparents watched me and J.P. play. My grandparents were happy with me and J.P! he got five and six. Five is J.P.’s favourite number. P.D.

I saw K.A. painting his hand and I heard him say “it tickles!” X.W.

On Grandparents Day I showed my story writing book. Before that I did painting on my hand and put it on the poem. V.A.

I was reading a book with my sister. A.B.

Me and Pop played on the ipad. We played matching games. We won! And then we got a trophy. K.A.

I played Bingo on the ipad. Uncle P and Nana were sharing. D.E.

My grandma painted my hand. It tickled. S.O.C.

PE with Mr. Fitz

The boys made a square with the cones. A.L.N

We learnt how to catch a ball. T.J.

We threw the ball up and then we caught caught it with our bird nest. I think I did a good job of throwing, clapping and catching the ball. I can do two claps! K.A.

We learnt how to clap and catch the ball. T.R.

We learnt to suck the ball in like a vacuum cleaner. V.A.

We learnt underarm throwing to our partners. K.A. and A.L.N

We loved doing the frog jumps, elephant walks, giant walks, giraffe walks and star-jumps. Rm 5.

The weather was partly cloudy. Tayla threw the ball to me. It was lots of fun! I.P.