Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Botanic Gardens

Last week, we visited the Botanic Gardens.

We loved walking through the secret path! We were feeling surprised, scared, excited, silly, happy, amazing, fun, good and ka pai as we went through it! We learnt lots about how to plant a seed, what it needs to grow into a healthy plant, and how to take care of our plants. We saw the worm farm and some worms, and what to put and not to put into a worm farm...just like we learn at school! 
We hope you enjoy the slideshow!  

         Our stories about our trip:

This is the secret pathway. The big green leaves are cold. It was spooky. The green leaves are sparkly. The roots can suck water. We learnt about plants. It was fun learning about plants. My favourite bit was going in the pathway. I.P. 

On Thursday we went on a trip. It was exciting. I felt sleepy. I was hugging my Mum. I felt warm. I learnt to take care of worms. T.R. 

I went to the Botanic Gardens. I learnt to do gardening. C.C.

I went on the bus. J.M.

We went to Botanic Gardens. We are walking in the secret path. I felt a little bit scared. I learnt to plant a plant. I was scared of the long grass. My favourite bit was walking in the secret path. S.L. 

We went to the Botanic Gardens. We planted some plants and we loved it! X.W. 

I went to Botanic Gardens. I saw bananas. A.B. 

We went in the secret path. It was cool. We had fun. The leaves are called factories. The leaves were spiky. P.D.

We went to Botanic Gardems. It is fun. And we went to the secret path. It was cold. And the leaves were sharp. J.P.

V.A. was asleep on the bus. It was funny. S.O.C.

I went to the bus. We went to the gardens. A.S.

I went in the bus. It went fast. I planted a seedling. I gave it water. A.L.N.

I went to the bus. I went to the garden. D.E.

I was in the secret garden. The branches were ticklish. It was cool. A.N.H.

I saw the leaves. They are sharp and spiky. T.J. 

Ms. B and our whole class got to plant some plants and we got to bring them home with us. K.A.


Anonymous said...

Loving this Ms Baria, great to see the exciting things our child is doing in your class - so please - A.N.H parents

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a lovely time and the 'secret path' sounds very exciting. Thanks for sharing.
P.D's mum.