Sunday, 28 October 2012

Our Garden!

Welcome to Term 4! We have had an exciting start this term, harvesting and cooking the vegetables we planted and grew last term. Thank you to Mrs. M.M. for teaching and helping us learn! Here are some pictures of us making spinach dip! YUM! 

We also learnt a new word: savoury. It means food tastes a little bit salty, a little bit tangy. That is what our dip tasted like!

So much spinach!

                                Cutting the spinach!

Time to make the spinach! (see below for the recipe!)

We stir the mixture in the bowl 3 times... 1, 2, 3!

"Smells like chips!" ~ T.R.

"Yummy!" ~ D.E.

"It is so yummy, I am going to tell Mummy how to make it so we can make it at home." ~ I.P.

Great stuff, because here is the recipe!

You need:
1. Packet of Onion Soup
2. 250g sour cream
3. 3x tablespoons of sour cream
4. Boiled spinach
5. Bread or chips to dip and eat!

1. Boil some spinach. Drain.
2. Cut the spinach.
3. Mix the spinach with the mayonnaise, sour cream and packet of onion soup.
4. Eat!

Next week we will be cooking with potatoes! We are very excited! Stay tuned!

Fun with Potatoes!

Digging through the buckets we planted the potatoes in was so much fun! It was coooold, but we were so excited to see the number of potatoes that had grown! They were so cute!

Digging out the potatoes! We found so many! 

Tiny, wee potatoes! 

Roasting potatoes.

Boiled potatoes.

Mashed potatoes....with butter! Yum!

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