Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Our Community

This term we have been learning a lot about the people in our Community and how we are all connected. We enjoyed our visits from the Police, The Ambulance and the Fire fighters - our favourite because we got to into the fire engine! Here are some pictures and our stories. 

Contsable White visits Room 5!

Constable White is showing us her unifrom. We have a unifrom too! Wearing a uniform can tell people which part of the Community you belong to. Constable White belongs to the Police. We belong to Elm Park School! Our uniform has a similar colour to the police. We think that is so cool!

Here, we are learning that we have to be 148 centimeters tall to be able to sit in the front seat. Otherwise, we need to sit in a booster seat. We all need to sit in a booster seat, at the back of the car. But Ms. Baria doesn't - she is more than 148 centimeters tall!

Constable White and X.W. are showing us what happens when an airbag explodes from the front of the car. We don't want it to hit our faces. It only saves our heart. That is why we need to sit in a booster seat at the back of the car.

Ambulance Action with Ms Ackroyd!

 Ms Ackroyd told us how the Police, Ambulance and Fire fighters work together. 

 K.A. and T.R. get to be ambulance officers!

 K.A. is all dressed up in his gear. We learnt that the yellow vest can help people see ambulance officers in the dark, the helmet protects them when they are near a crash, and the gloves keep the germs away. "The gloves were slimy!" K.A. said. Oh dear.

 T.R. is enjoying being an ambulance officer! 

We know now that we need to call 111 in an emergency!

Fighting Fire with Firefighters!

This fireman showed us the different parts to his uniform. It was funny because he put it on the wrong way and we had to tell him how to wear it! The mask was scary, but he said not to be afraid because it helps him breathe.

I.P. is telling her little 'pretend' sister to not play with matches. She takes she match and gives it to an adult. We should never play with matches or candles! Ever!

 We learnt that if our clothes catch on fire, we have to cover our faces, drop to the ground and roll and keep on rolling.

Mrs. S.K. is very happy that she got lots of stickers from the firefighters. Can we pretty please have some, Mrs. S.K.?

 We got to take a picture with a firefighter!

 We love love loooved sitting in the fire engine. It was a tiny space but we all fit in!

 Jash said, "My tummy was jumping when the firefighter carried me down!"

"I would like to come to school in a fire engine," said Andre.


Miss Ladley said...

These photos are great room 5! We have been looking at your blog and are really enjoying it! Keep ip the good work!

From Miss Ladley and room 27!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree that all the photos are excellent. It is so great to see what the kids are learning. Thanks Ms Baria - we are loving it - A.N-H's parents